Kaspersky VS Avast best antivirus software comparison 2019

Compare Avast and Kaspersky antivirus. See the pros and cons of Avast vs Kaspersky and easily decide which antivirus software is right for you. Kaspersky is one of the leading antivirus and cybersecurity in the world. It was founded in 1997 which develops and sell various antivirus products which include Internet Security, Password Management, Endpoint Security with some other cybersecurity products. Kaspersky is the cybersecurity product company which deals with providing protection to the desktops and PCs all over the globe with its varieties of antivirus products. Kaspersky has also been awarded as the best antivirus software for a couple of years continuously.

Today, the world has become smart, so their devices and systems and Kaspersky are also not behind in providing protection to the smart devices. The distribution of Kaspersky antivirus software is not only limited or Windows and Mac PC these days, but it also provides protection for portable devices such as your Android Tablet and your Android Phone. Kaspersky has its sole application for the Android platform devices.

Types of Services provided by Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a leading antivirus software which provides services to both Home and Business users.

Home users

When you take Kaspersky service for a Home user it provides services for your personal devices such as Desktop, Laptops, and Mobile Devices. The product is not free of use, however before buying it you can take a free trial for a month to check its feasibility and usability on your device after that you have to pay some amount depending on your package type which can be for a year or half-yearly. For home users, Kaspersky has different products which are as follows:

Anti-Virus: This product only protects you from viruses or malware as it is solely made for protection against viruses only.

Internet Security: With Internet Security you are all safe from the various spyware and phishing attacks, it provides efficiency and security in internet usage, adds security to your online banking with its encryption algorithms, can keep your password secure, available on PC, Mac, and Android and it is safe for kids to use.

Total Security: One of the widest used products, of Kaspersky because it is a combination of both antivirus and internet security and bags all the features from those two.

Business Users

Either it is a Small firm, Medium firm, or big MNC’s or firm, Kaspersky has expertise their products in any field. They provide protection against cyber threats for any business firm. They provide full Endpoint Cloud-based Protection to the business users as most of the files and services these days are hosted on cloud only. With free trial for 30 days, they have altogether different packages for the business users which is totally different from home users.